White Castle Is Offering $49 White Castle Love Kit For Valentine’s

White Castle is preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special Valentine’s Day-themed meal kit, allowing couples to bring the White Castle experience into the comfort of their own homes.

This unique meal package will be offered exclusively through the brand’s web site, HouseOfCrave.com, beginning today. The deal is only available for a short period, with orders expected to arrive by February 12, 2024.

According to the brand’s announcement, the Valentine’s Meal Kit, formally dubbed the “White Castle Love Kit,” has all of the necessary components for a genuine White Castle experience. This features a distinct flavor of 100% beef steam-grilled atop a bed of onions, accompanied by pickles, and wrapped in a soft bun made by White Castle’s own bakery.

The following items are included in every White Castle Love Kit:

  • 4x Original Sliders
  • 4x Classic Cheese Sliders
  • 4x Jalapeno Cheese Sliders

Customers will be given instructions on how to duplicate the characteristic steamed flavor, giving them the same experience as if they were dining in the restaurant.

The meal kit also includes:

  • To add flavor to the sliders, top them with dill pickles.
  • 12 Valentine’s Day-themed slide Boxes (exactly like those offered in stores)
  • The package includes a White Castle-scented candle and special “Craventine” cards for sharing.

According to the company, the current price of the freshly announced White Castle Love Kit is around $49. Customers interested in purchasing can do so through the online store at HouseOfCrave.com. With countrywide delivery accessible, anybody in the United States may readily purchase this unique meal package.

Image via White Castle

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