6 Low-Carb Recipes You Have To Try

Staying on track requires diversity in your diet, whether you're low-carb or keto. Boredom or feeling like you're missing out will ruin your diet faster than anything else.

1. Tuscan Chicken Thighs

Tuscan Chicken Thighs are flavorful chicken thighs that can be air-fried and go great with any low-carb vegetables you want.

2. Easy Asparagus Salad

The most delectable a low-carb dinner can get is this bowl of bliss. The satisfying and flavorful Easy Asparagus Salad has only 11 total or 6 net carbohydrates per dish.

3. Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

By adding your preferred high-fat foods, such as avocado or sour cream, you can easily adjust this slow cooker Mexican chicken to match your macros. Utilize a low-carb wrap, and dinner is ready.

4. Cabbage Hash

A quick and simple dinner with 7 total and 5 net carbohydrates is cabbage hash. Dinner is ready if you have some cabbage (of any color) and a pound of meat.

5. French Onion Chicken

It's very simple to make this French onion chicken, and it tastes absolutely delectable. It has 8 total and 7 net carbs, making it a filling lunch or dinner option.

6. Bacon Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Bacon lovers will adore this Bacon Stuffed Chicken Thighs recipe. It's foolproof with 4 total carbs and 3 net carbs. Add low-carb veggies for a balanced supper.

7. Tuna Stuffed Avocados

The avocado in this Tuna Stuffed Avocados recipe reduces its 9 total carbs to 2 net carbs. Fill up on fiber while cutting carbs. Win-win.

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