6 Dessert Recipes with Five Ingredients or Fewer

You may bake or prepare sweets easily by following a recipe. Some recipes require an unending amount of ingredients, making prep time long.

Apple danishes

Three ingredients make Australia's Best Recipes' sweet, flaky apple danishes a dessert and breakfast. Recipe note: Replace caster sugar with granulated sugar!


Five-ingredient baklava? Indeed. To fulfill your Greek aspirations, you only need walnuts, cinnamon, honey, butter, and phyllo dough.

Blueberry ice cream

This delectable frozen delight may be made in your own kitchen without the use of an expensive ice cream maker.


Buckeyes, or chocolate peanut butter balls, are easy to make but require five ingredients: butter, peanut butter, powdered sugar, chocolate, and vanilla essence.

Caramel candies

Although caramels are delicate to make, they only require five ingredients: butter, sugar, corn syrup, evaporated milk, and vanilla flavor. 

Cherry cobbler

We discovered this amazingly easy cherry cobbler a few months ago and have cooked it numerous times since then. We also recommended it to family members.

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