6 Concrete Signs You’re Only Staying Together Because You Have History

Simply because you've invested a lot of time in a relationship, you don't want to continue it. There is never a bad time to leave.

Your most treasured experiences occurred centuries ago.

No dates. No highlights. Every partnership has hard patches, but if you can't remember a recent memory that makes you happy, it's a problem.

If you've considered splitting up but have stayed because they were so nice and enjoyable, ask yourself why all your favorite things about them are in the past tense.

You want everything to go back to how it was before.

You worry that those close to you will be disappointed in you.

Your lives have largely overlapped since you've been together for so long. You two might have kids or pets together. Perhaps you all share the same friends.

Only when you're chatting about your former highlights can you get along and laugh. You're not making new memories together.

You never stop reminiscing about good times.

You're putting off breaking up because of the hassle it would cause you.

Imagining breaking up with someone isn't as painful as losing them. It's the stress of splitting your belongings, finding a new home, and paying the bills without them. 

You're only sticking around because of habit.

You rarely consider quitting them since they're so constant. You forget what it was like and that it's possible to live without them. But it is. Just because you're used to this lifestyle doesn't mean you have to stay.

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