5 Best Strength Workouts for Women To Lose Weight

If you've ever Googled "weight loss for women," you're aware that there are a plethora of results, some of which are truly transforming and others which aren't.

You might image muscle-bound bodybuilders lifting big weights in the gym when we talk about strength training. However, it's time to dispel that myth.

Fan Bike Workout

The fan bike isn't stationary. This advanced cardio equipment works your legs, arms, and core. Interval training works well with high-intensity bursts and low-intensity periods.

Deadlift Workout

Deadlifts are scary, yet they transform back, glute, and hamstring strength. Lift a moderate weight with a straight back.

Squat Workout

Squats put a lot more of an emphasis on the quadriceps and glutes than deadlifts do, but they still provide the same overall advantages.

Pull-up Workout

Pull-ups are a powerful upper-body exercise that work your arms, shoulders, and back. You're still progressing even if you can only do assisted pull-ups at first.

Weighted Carries

It doesn't get much easier than carrying big objects while moving around. Focus on maintaining your core engaged and your posture upright whether you're using kettlebells, dumbbells, or even bags of groceries.

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