300-Calorie Dinner Ideas You Have To Try

Dinner is easy to overeat. You want to rest and eat when you get home from work. In front of the TV, many people forget to count calories. 

1. Pita Pizza

Pita pizza is a remarkably quick and simple dinner recipe, and it only has 124 calories per serving. For a tiny pizza, not bad.

2. Chili Mac

Chili Mac is an easy, family-friendly pasta dish that everyone loves. The majority will want seconds. Complete the dish with a green salad. (293 kcal per serving)

3. Baked Garlic Chicken Thighs With Lemon

A modest serving of brown rice and veggies complement this classic Baked Garlic Chicken Thighs With Lemon recipe. A chicken sandwich made with leftovers is possible the next day. (151 calories/serving)

4. Air Fryer Falafel

Air-fried falafel makes a great meal. Just add some veggies or a green salad to finish. If you make extra, you may put it in a pita with hummus and yogurt sauce for lunch the next day. 58 calories per falafel

5. Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup is simple but filling. With so much fiber, this plant-based alternative may just take seconds. However, doing so is minimal in calories. (142 kcal)

6. No Noodle Tuna Casserole

This low-carb breakfast is tasty and low in calories. Cheesey No Noodle Tuna Casserole is wonderful without overdoing it. (202 calories per serving)

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