trader joes launched new frozen bubble waffles

Trader Joe’s frozen food aisle is a real gem. It’s packed with easy meals, quick snacks, and lots of tempting sweets. Recently, Trader Joe’s launched new frozen bubble waffles that are becoming hype among people and creating quite a buzz. These waffles were all over social media last month, and now you can find them on Trader Joe’s shelves.

Inspired by popular Hong Kong street food, these waffles have a unique bubbly appearance and are priced at $4.49 for a box of four. They are about 340 calories per serving and have crispy edges with a chewy, mochi-like center. Unlike normal egg waffles containing eggs and milk, Trader Joe’s version is vegan-friendly and made with coconut milk as the primary ingredient.

You can cook these waffles quickly in an air fryer, toaster oven, or microwave. Whether grabbing breakfast on the go or needing a tasty snack, Trader Joe’s bubble waffles are a fun and convenient choice straight from your freezer.

Traders Joe’s Bubble Waffles Spark Excitement Across Social Media

Since hitting the shelves, Trader Joe’s new bubble waffles have sparked a lot of excitement among fans. People are posting their experiences and ideas all over social media.

Guess what’s causing a stir on Instagram reels? Big Box Vegan just discovered Trader Joe’s new vegan bubble waffles and another new treat, vegetable soup dumplings, and the excitement is palpable.

In a lively post, he sees the waffles on the shelves of Trader Joe’s while shopping. “They’re here! NEW Trader Joe’s vegan bubble waffles and vegetable soup dumplings have arrived!” Big Box Vegan was thrilled to spot these goodies at their Florida store.

They also gave a handy tip: some stores might hold items for you briefly, so it’s worth calling ahead. Even better, they could grab their waffles fresh off the shelf today.

Grab them while you can; these bubble waffles won’t stick around forever. For more details visit to know more about these vegan goodies.

Another fan of Trader Joe’s @traderjoesobsessed on Instagram shared his recent product review on bubble waffles. “They have the perfect texture and aren’t overly sweet. The bubble part is soft like mochi with a crispy, not-too-thick exterior. I added whipped cream and berries, but they are just as good on their own”.

New item alert! Bubble waffles have arrived
byu/alphanugamma intraderjoes

At the same time, one Reddit user tried them without realizing they’re vegan and said, “They’re pretty great! I air-fried them a bit longer than recommended, and the outside was crispy while the inside stayed soft and chewy. Honestly, they beat some of the egg waffle spots I’ve tried, and I’m from Hong Kong!”

So, trader Joe’s freezer aisle has been busy lately with bubble waffles and the return of favorites like key lime pie and ube ice cream. Whether you are craving something new or a classic treat, there’s plenty to explore at Trader Joe’s!

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