Texas Roadhouse frozen rolls Walmart
Texas Roadhouse frozen rolls Walmart

At Texas Roadhouse, it’s not just about the steaks or the lively atmosphere with line-dancing servers. There’s something special you get for free: their famous rolls. All excitement because coming as Texas Roadhouse frozen rolls Walmart availability.

A freshly baked roll served with irresistible honey cinnamon butter, a beloved treat that everyone talks about. And now, here’s the exciting news: you can enjoy these delicious rolls at home.

No need to visit the restaurant anymore. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these rolls make every meal special. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Your local Walmart shelves
  • Online, for easy ordering and delivery

You can easily bring home the taste of Texas Roadhouse. It’s never been easier to savor the goodness of their iconic rolls perfect for any occasion, any time.

Texas Roadhouse Rolls Arriving at Walmart Near You

The iconic Texas Roadhouse rolls, praised by food blogger @markie_devo, are hitting Walmart shelves—but hold on, it’s not everywhere just yet.

They’re debuting in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky starting June 29. Already, excited shoppers in these states have spotted them in their local Walmart stores.

Texas Roadhouse Frozen Rolls Coming to Walmart

Texas Roadhouse’s beloved dinner rolls are making their way to Walmart shelves soon. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. What’s Included: Each package features 12 mini rolls nestled in a convenient ready-to-heat pan. Plus, you’ll get a packet of cinnamon honey glaze, just like the legendary butter at Texas Roadhouse.
  1. Availability: Initially launching in select states, with hopes for a nationwide rollout by fall 2024, pending a successful test phase.
  1. Easy Preparation: Simply cover the rolls with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 27-30 minutes. Then, drizzle on the glaze for that perfect finish.
  1. Community Excitement: Fans are already buzzing on Instagram, with Ohio residents especially thrilled about the upcoming availability.
  1. Future Prospects: According to Devo’s announcement, anticipation is high, with some users planning to stock up in bulk.

Enjoy the taste of Texas in your kitchen. Watch for Texas Roadhouse frozen rolls arriving at your local Walmart. This is one delicious treat you won’t want to miss.

Bring Texas Roadhouse Home: More Than Just Rolls

Even if you can’t snag Texas Roadhouse’s famous rolls in your state, there are still ways to enjoy their flavors at home. Recently, Texas Roadhouse introduced two bottled steak sauces that you can find in grocery stores across the country. 

There’s the Classic sauce, with only 20 calories per serving, and the Roadhouse Gold, slightly richer at 30 calories per serving. These sauces bring the taste of Texas Roadhouse right to your dinner table, making it easy to savor their signature flavors whenever you like.

Texas Roadhouse’s latest additions to supermarket shelves. Even if you’re outside the roll-selling states, you can still enjoy their famous flavors with their new bottled steak sauces: Classic and Roadhouse Gold, available nationwide.

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