Subway Launched 3 Cheesy New Footlong Snacks
Subway Launched 3 Cheesy New Footlong Snacks

Subway is back with another mouthwatering addition to its menu: Footlong Dippers. These new snacks are perfect for anyone who loves cheese and convenience.

A warm flatbread wrapped around melted cheese and your choice of delicious fillings. Subway offers three flavors: Pepperoni and Cheese, Chicken and Cheese, and Double Cheese. Each one is priced at just $3, making them affordable and satisfying.

The Pepperoni and Cheese Dipper is loaded with flavor, packing 470 calories of cheesy goodness. If you prefer chicken, the Chicken and Cheese Dipper is a tasty option with 400 calories. And for the ultimate cheese lovers, the Double Cheese Dipper promises a whopping 470 calories of cheesy delight.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack or a light meal, these Footlong Dippers are easy to enjoy on the go. They’re designed to be convenient without compromising on taste. Subway understands what its customers love, and these new snacks are proof of that commitment.

Introducing Subway’s New Footlong Dippers and Sauces

Step into Subway and indulge in their latest sensation: Footlong Dippers. These mouthwatering snacks feature lavash-style flatbread generously filled with gooey melted cheese and your choice of irresistible flavors: Pepperoni and Cheese, Chicken and Cheese, or Double Cheese—all for just $3 each.

Subway Just Launched 3 Cheesy New Footlong Snacks
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But wait, it gets even better! Subway offers a lineup of 11 signature sauces to dip your Footlong Dippers into. From the tangy Honey Mustard to the spicy Creamy Sriracha and robust Baja Chipotle, there’s a sauce to complement every bite. That means you have 33 delectable combinations to explore and enjoy.

These Footlong Dippers are part of Subway’s “Sidekicks” lineup, which includes favorites such as the indulgent Cinnabon Footlong Churro and savory Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzel.

Whether you’re in need of a quick snack or a satisfying treat, Subway’s Footlong Dippers and signature sauces promise an explosion of flavors. Don’t miss your chance to experience these exciting new offerings—visit your nearest Subway today and treat yourself to a taste sensation.

Subway Introduces $3 Dippers: A New Era of Flavor and Value

In a bold move to rejuvenate its brand amidst recent challenges, Subway is unveiling its latest innovation: $3 Dippers. Following the success of its Sidekicks menu earlier this year, which saw an astounding 30 million orders, Subway is continuing to evolve with offerings that blend convenience, quality, and value.

Doug Fry, president of Subway North America, emphasized, “Subway’s all-new Dippers represent our ongoing commitment to enhancing the dining experience. We’re catering to today’s diners who crave both the iconic footlong and exceptional taste at an affordable price.”

The $3 Dippers feature a variety of flavors designed to satisfy every palate. Options include:

  • Pepperoni and Cheese
  • Chicken and Cheese
  • Double Cheese

All are crafted with Subway’s signature flatbread and premium ingredients. These additions underscore Subway’s dedication to elevating its menu with fresh, artisanal options that resonate with consumers.

As Subway continues to innovate and redefine itself in competitive fast food, the introduction of $3 Dippers marks another milestone in its culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. Discover these irresistible new offerings at your nearest Subway today.

Subway’s 2024 Menu Innovations: Wraps, Bread, and Sauces

2024 is proving to be a standout year for Subway as it continues to roll out exciting new menu items. In addition to the popular Sidekicks and Footlong Dippers, Subway has introduced a fresh lineup of wraps in April. These wraps served on Subway’s lavash-style flatbread, come in four delicious flavors:

  • Homestyle Chicken Salad
  • Honey Mustard Chicken
  • Turkey, Bacon & Avocado
  • Cali Caprese

Each wrap’s calorie count varies depending on the toppings chosen, ensuring there’s a satisfying option for every taste.

Subway fans rejoiced in April with the return of the beloved Honey Oat Bread, absent for four years and now back with its wholesome goodness boasting 430 calories per serving. Adding to the excitement, Subway has made its Creamy Sriracha sauce a permanent fixture on the menu after its initial availability in select restaurants.

These updates reflect Subway’s commitment to offering fresh, flavorful choices that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you’re craving a hearty wrap, a nostalgic bread favorite, or a zesty new sauce, Subway’s latest offerings promise to enhance your dining experience with every bite.

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