Sonic Summer 2024 Drink Menu
Sonic Summer 2024 Drink Menu

Sonic Drive-In restaurants are celebrating summer with some exciting new drinks.

On Monday, June 24, Sonic announced six cool and innovative new drinks created by their very own Sonic Flavor Experts.”

These delicious additions are part of the Flavorista Favorites collection and will be available at participating locations.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Six New Cool Drinks
  • Innovative Flavors
  • Created by Sonic Flavor Experts
  • Part of the Flavorista Favorites Collection

First Taste Event:

  • X Games Ventura 2024, Presented by Sonic
  • Friday, June 28

Online Availability:

  • Drinks hit online menus next week

You can enjoy other tasty new flavors this summer with Sonic. You don’t miss out on these refreshing additions to their menu.

Best Sonic’s Summer 2024 Drink Menu Delights

Explore the latest lineup of irresistible beverages handcrafted by Sonic’s flavor wizards:

  • Classic Cruiser: Indulge in the timeless taste of cola infused with a delightful hint of cherry vanilla.
  • Twisted Flamingo: Experience a refreshing twist of lemon-lime, cherry vanilla, and creamy sweetness all in one sip.
  • Paradise Sunset: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a bubbly blend of blood orange, real strawberries, and a citrusy burst.
  • Rainbow Slush: Taste the rainbow with this vibrant slush featuring blue raspberry, real strawberries, and zesty lemonade.
  • Lemonade Cream Cooler: Savor a tangy lemonade slush perfectly blended with a creamy soft serve for a cool summer treat.
  • Grape Escape: Escape into flavor with a fizzy fusion of grape and lime that promises pure refreshment.

Indulge in these delightful concoctions and make your summer days even sweeter with Sonic’s sensational new drink creations.

Sonic’s Exclusive Summer 2024 Drink Menu: App-Only Delights Await

This summer, Sonic is unveiling a brand-new, exclusive drink menu for 2024, and it’s only available through their mobile app. Starting Monday, July 1, you can indulge in a variety of limited-edition drinks crafted by Sonic’s flavor experts (Flavorista Favorites). These drinks are designed to cater to every taste bud, whether you love something sweet, tangy, creamy, or citrusy.

According to Mackenzie Gibson, VP of culinary and menu innovation at Sonic, this lineup marks a new era in drink customization. The drinks will debut at X Games Ventura, Presented by Sonic, celebrating the spirit of living free and escaping monotony just like Sonic’s drinks do for their fans.

Previously, Sonic’s menu was limited to a few signature drinks like Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water®. Now, with these new ready-to-order options, you can enjoy bold flavors at Sonic with just the tap of a button on your phone.

Sonic is also giving one of their popular menu items a makeover for summer.

To be among the first to taste these app-exclusive treats and upgrades, download the Sonic app today. Don’t miss out on the taste of summer refresh your day with Sonic’s new lineup starting July 1.

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