Pringles new limited-time sweet chili flavor
Pringles new limited-time sweet chili flavor

Limited-time products can be a mixed bag. It’s a bummer when you fall in love with a new flavor only to see it disappear after a few months. But there’s also something thrilling about rushing to the store to try something new.

Lately, Lay’s and Ruffles have been adding new options, and Pringles is keeping up with the innovation. They recently introduced a barbecue-inspired chip, announced four new flavors set to come out this summer, and even plan to replace their classic cans with a fun snack format this fall.

Now, there’s a new Pringles flavor hitting the shelves that has fans buzzing. The latest sweet and spicy chip is definitely one to try.

Pringles Is Releasing Sweet Chili Sauce Chips

Pringles has just released a new flavor that’s perfect for anyone who loves a “spicy” chip. Their latest creation, Sweet Chili Sauce Crisps, is inspired by Thai Chili sauce, a popular condiment. This new flavor combines the classic Pringles crunch with a sweet sauce flavor and a hint of spicy cayenne pepper.

These Sweet Chili Sauce Crisps are slowly making their way to stores and have already been spotted at Giant Food and Stop & Shop. Instagram user yegexotic shared a photo of the chips and gave them a thumbs up. 

“I picked up a can, and it’s delish! I love ‘sweet/spicy,’ and this is the perfect balance.” People in the comments were just as excited. One person said, “Woah! Didn’t know this one was coming out!” and another added, “Ooo, I’d love this flavor!”

We don’t know exactly when Sweet Chili Sauce Pringles will be available at all stores or how long they’ll be around. The packaging says it’s a limited-time-only flavor, so make sure to grab a can before they’re gone.

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