Pizza Hut Closes 19 Locations in Indiana

Pizza Hut has been expanding its reach in 2024, opening new stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and other areas to bring its famous stuffed crust and pan-style pizzas to more customers. However, the chain recently faced setbacks with the sudden closure of 19 locations across two states.

In Central Ohio, four Pizza Hut restaurants closed without explanation. Meanwhile, in Northwest Indiana, 15 locations shut down due to a legal dispute between Pizza Hut and one of its franchisees.

The franchisee, EYM Group, owns all 15 Indiana stores and operates a total of 142 Pizza Hut locations across Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. EYM Group has been accused of financial issues, including failure to make payments to Pizza Hut, leading to millions of dollars in owed funds. 

They are now seeking to sell their Pizza Hut locations, citing challenges such as rising costs and a lack of innovation within the chain, as reported by The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Pizza Hut Franchisee EYM Group Faces Lawsuits, Closures Amid Financial Struggles

In 2023, EYM Group, the franchisee of several Pizza Hut locations, faced financial difficulties that prompted them to enter a forbearance agreement with Pizza Hut’s franchisor. This agreement was intended to give EYM Group some breathing room as they worked to settle their debts and other obligations. 

Despite this temporary reprieve, Pizza Hut continued to issue default notices to EYM Group, leading to the cancellation of the forbearance agreement in February of this year.

Things escalated further in March when EYM Group decided to take legal action against Pizza Hut, claiming that the franchisor had breached their contract.

The situation came to a head in mid-June when news broke that several Pizza Hut locations operated by EYM Group had suddenly closed. Reports surfaced on social media as local employees shared that the restaurants had shut down abruptly, leaving them without jobs.

The legal disputes between EYM Group and Pizza Hut highlight the challenges faced by franchisees and franchisors in the restaurant industry, where financial pressures and contractual obligations can strain relationships. 

For employees and loyal customers of these Pizza Hut locations, the closures came as a shock and raised questions about the future of these establishments in their communities.

As the lawsuits between EYM Group and Pizza Hut unfold, stakeholders will be watching closely to see how the legal proceedings impact the affected employees, customers, and the broader Pizza Hut franchise network. 

The abrupt closures serve as a reminder of the complexities involved in managing franchise agreements and the ripple effects they can have on local communities.

List of Pizza Hut locations closed in 2024

Several Pizza Hut locations in Indiana, operated by the EYM Group franchise, temporarily closed recently, sparking surprise among local fans. Assuring customers, Pizza Hut emphasized these closures are not permanent, and they are actively working to reopen many locations soon.

Here is the list of Pizza Hut locations closed in 2024:

  1. Portage, Indiana
  2. Chesterton, Indiana
  3. Valparaiso, Indiana
  4. Hobart, Indiana
  5. Winfield, Indiana
  6. Crown Point, Indiana
  7. Schererville, Indiana
  8. Griffith, Indiana
  9. Hammond, Indiana
  10. Merrillville, Indiana
  11. LaPorte, Indiana
  12. Michigan City, Indiana
  13. Lowell, Indiana
  14. Cedar Lake, Indiana
  15. Munster, Indiana

Despite these closures, Pizza Hut continues to operate multiple locations across Indiana and Ohio.

For those missing their favorite Pizza Hut dishes, the company advises visiting their website at to find the nearest open location. This proactive step aims to minimize inconvenience and keep customers informed about where they can still enjoy their beloved pizzas and menu items.

Pizza Hut’s commitment to reopening these locations underscores their dedication to serving communities and meeting customer expectations. They remain focused on maintaining high standards of service and quality throughout this transition period.

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