pillsbury brings back toaster strudel mega icing flavor

If you are someone who always craves extra cream cheese frosting at Cinnabon or wishes your Pop-Tart had frosting all over, you are not alone. For many of us, the frosting is the highlight of pastries like cinnamon rolls and Toaster Strudels.

Luckily, sometimes we get lucky, and the pastry gods deliver more than expected. Take Pillsbury’s Toaster Strudels. In 2020, they launched a special pink icing inspired by “Mean Girls.” Fans went wild for this unique twist on their favorite breakfast treat.

But that’s not all! Back in 2015, Pillsbury answered the prayers of icing fans everywhere with Toaster Strudels featuring Mega Icing. These came with nearly double the usual amount of icing in each packet, satisfying even the most dedicated frosting lovers. It was a hit in the frozen breakfast, but sadly, it didn’t last.

Now, after some time off the shelves, Pillsbury brings back toaster strudel mega icing flavor. It’s a sweet reunion for those who believe that more icing equals more joy. So, if you have been missing that extra sugary goodness, get ready to have it once again in a pastry with all the icing you have been dreaming of.

Toaster Strudel Is Bringing Back Mega Icing for a Limited Time

Since 2015, Pillsbury hasn’t offered its beloved pastries with Mega Icing, but starting late June, they will be back in select stores. For fans of Strawberry and Strawberry Cream Cheese flavors, this means nearly double the usual icing to slather on their hot pastries.

The icing that comes with these flavors is sweet and reminiscent of a vanilla glaze, and fans are ecstatic. When Snack Betch shared the news on Instagram, one follower exclaimed, “Use to pray for times like dis,” adding, “Say no more Pillsbury—sign us up.”

Others chimed in with comments like, “It took them this long to figure this out” and “Childhood goals coming to life,” highlighting just how much they love the icing.

Of course, the icing is the star here, and this “mega-sized” treat is only available for a limited time, so make sure to grab it while you can. Or, as one commenter cleverly suggested, buy a tub of Pillsbury cream cheese to add on top of any Toaster Strudel, regardless of the filling flavor. It’s a tasty way to make every breakfast feel extra special.

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