Oreo cereal new flavor mint chip permanent option
Oreo cereal new flavor mint chip permanent option

Oreo is launching a new cereal, and fans are super excited, saying things like, “I can’t wait to try it.” There’s a new Oreo-flavored cereal making its way to store shelves, and fans like me are buzzing with excitement to give it a try.

I first caught wind of this tasty news from food blogger Markie Devo’s Instagram post. He spilled the beans about Post Cereal’s latest creation: Mint Chip Oreo O’s. 

Unlike the original Oreo O’s cereal that had marshmallows, this new version skips them. Markie seems optimistic, though, saying, “I LOVE the original Oreo O’s with marshmallows. I think this one will still be awesome, just minus the marsh. Mint is always a winner.”

Fans Eager for Oreo’s New Mint Chip Cereal to Become Permanent Flavor

According to insiders, Oreo’s new Mint Chip Cereal has been spotted at Giant grocery stores. If you’re eager to try it, you might be able to find it at other stores that carry Oreo products but act fast. It’s available for a limited time, and there’s no word yet on how long it will stick around.

“Ooh. I want,” one fan exclaimed, while another added, “Yum, I can’t wait to try it.”

“It sounds good, for sure. Hope the mint flavor is there,” a third person commented.

“This should be a Permanent Flavor!” another social media user passionately declared.

One follower humorously admitted, “Your page is going to make me put on 15 lbs, lol! But I can try the new foods in moderation. This cereal looks so amazing.”

Beyond the cereal excitement, Oreo has been spoiling fans with new releases in 2024. They’ve launched Star Wars-themed cookie packs, collaborated with Sour Patch Kids candy, and even introduced sugarless treats. Oreo’s creativity continues to delight and surprise fans with its innovative flavors and collaborations.

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