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Fast food used to be known for giving you a lot of your money, but prices have been going up. If you have ordered a burger and fries recently, you might have noticed the cost has gone way up. For example, some McDonald’s meals are now priced at $18, which can be a surprise.

To win back customers, McDonald’s is introducing better deals. One of their most exciting new offers is the $5 Value Meal. This meal includes your choice of a McDouble burger or a McChicken sandwich, small fries, four chicken nuggets, and a small soft drink. It’s not just a good deal; it’s a great deal if you are hungry and on a budget.

These initiatives are part of McDonald’s commitment to providing affordable and satisfying meals to its customers. Another way McDonald’s is trying to attract customers is by giving away free fries. They are offering free fries every week for the rest of the year. It’s part of their strategy to make customers happy and keep them coming back.

How to Get McDonald’s Fries for Free?

If you’re craving McDonald’s fries without spending much, here’s how you can snag them for free. Every Friday until the end of 2024, McDonald’s is running a special promotion called Free Fries Friday.

To get in on the deal, all you need to do is use the McDonald’s app and make a purchase of at least $1 on anything from their menu. With that, you’ll receive a free medium French fry along with your order.

From now until December 27, that’s 27 chances to enjoy free fries just by buying something as simple as a small soda, which usually costs less than $2 at most locations.

Pairing fries with a Coke from McDonald’s is a classic combo that many fans swear tastes better than anywhere else. You can also add the free fries to a $5 Value Meal if you are craving a bigger feast.

But wait, there’s more! On July 13, National French Fry Day, McDonald’s takes it up a notch by offering free fries of any size to app users without needing to buy anything else. It’s a sweet deal (or perfectly crispy and salty) that’s exclusive to those who have the McDonald’s app.

So whether you’re planning a Friday treat or celebrating French Fry Day, McDonald’s has you covered with complimentary fries. Just remember to download their app, make a small purchase, and enjoy those golden, salty delights on the house. It’s a tasty way to save and satisfy your cravings at the same time.

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