mcdonalds delights fans with new summer milkshake flavor

McDonald’s has unveiled an exciting new treat that has fans buzzing with anticipation—the Orange Cream Pop Shake. This limited-time offering promises to bring the taste of summer right to your lips with its refreshing blend of orange cream pop and creamy vanilla soft serve.

Excitement on Social Media

Food influencer Snackolator recently broke the news on Instagram, sparking a wave of excitement among Canadian McDonald’s enthusiasts. However, there’s a twist that this delightful creation is currently only available in Canada, leaving fans elsewhere feeling a mix of envy and longing.

In their Instagram post, Snackolator expressed both delight and frustration: “McDonald’s just dropped an Orange Cream Pop Shake in Canada, and I am going to lose it over here watching everything good end up in Canada!” The post highlighted the shake’s appeal, especially during the ongoing trend for orange creamsicle flavors.

McDonald’s Introduces Orange Cream Pop Shake to Canada

According to the Canadian McDonald’s website, the Orange Cream Pop Shake combines the nostalgic flavor of an orange cream pop with the smooth richness of vanilla soft serve. It’s a perfect blend of tangy citrus and creamy sweetness, designed to evoke memories of summer days.

Snackolator also pointed out other recent menu additions at Canadian McDonald’s locations, including the Strawberry Cheesecake McFlurry, McShaker Fries with unique seasoning flavors like Ramen and Tzatziki, and a new Quarter Pounder with Cheese. This lineup of exclusive offerings has left American fans lamenting their absence on local menus.

Fan Reactions

Social media erupted with comments from disappointed fans across the United States. Many expressed frustration at missing out on these delicious treats, with one commenter lamenting, “Okay, Canada, you win; US McDonald’s gets nothing good.”

“Why does Canada get all the good stuff,” echoed another, while a third humorously asked McDonald’s, “Why do you love Canada more?! Where did we hurt you?”

McDonald’s Menu Disparities

The disparity between McDonald’s menus in different countries has been a recurring topic of discussion among fans. This is often due to McDonald’s strategy of offering region-specific items that cater to local tastes and trends. 

When Canada received McShaker Fries and unique seasoning flavors, Americans felt left out once again. Previous Canadian exclusives like Churros and Masala flavors have also garnered envy from across the border.

American Offerings

In contrast, recent additions to the American McDonald’s menu, such as the Grandma McFlurry featuring syrup and crunchy candy pieces, have received mixed reactions from fans.

While some enjoy the nostalgic twist, others continue to yearn for the exciting flavors available to their northern neighbors. However, it’s worth noting that many fans have also expressed their love for the Grandma McFlurry, appreciating its unique taste and texture.


McDonald’s continues to captivate fans on both sides of the border with innovative menu items that reflect regional tastes and trends. While Canadians savor the exclusive Orange Cream Pop Shake and other unique offerings, Americans eagerly await their turn to indulge in new flavors and experiences.

As the fast-food giant evolves its menu globally, one thing remains clear. McDonald’s has a knack for keeping its fans hungry for more.