kit kat new ghost toast flavor

Well, summer hasn’t even officially started yet, but I’ve already got my eye on something deliciously spooky coming our way for fall. The candy masterminds over at Kit Kat are cooking up a brand new ghost toast flavor, and it sounds like it will be a total vibe.

This tantalizing tidbit comes courtesy of the famous snack blogger Snackolator, who dropped the inside scoop on their social media. In a post from June 11th, they revealed that Kit Kat is finally making the “Cinnamon Toast Crunch x Kit Kat” flavor mashup happen for real. 

According to Snackolator, this new autumnal treat is going by the name “Ghost Toast” which already has me feeling all kinds of cozy fall feelings. But don’t let the slightly spooky name fool you. This Kit Kat new ghost toast flavor packs a warm, cinnamon toast-inspired flavor that sounds downright dreamy.

In their post, Snackolator dished out all the delicious details, letting us know we can expect both full-sized Kit Kat new Ghost Toast flavor bars and snacky little mini versions to hit stores nationwide at summer’s end. I don’t know about you, but I already envision myself stocking up big time.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate how incredibly genius the concept of a cinnamon toast-flavored Kit Kat actually is. It’s the perfect blend of nostalgic breakfast vibes that meets candy genius. My mind is blown, and my taste buds are tingling just thinking about it.

Unsurprisingly, people in the comments were pretty jacked about this news. Fans were gushing over how cute the concept is, brainstorming even catchier names like “Cinnamon Ghost Crunch,” and expressing pure excitement over more fun. Kit Kat flavors are finally making their way stateside (unlike those lucky snackers in Japan).

There was, however, one rather observation about Kit Kat’s roll-out timing for seasonally-themed releases. One commenter pointed out that it’s odd to be announcing a fall item so far in advance, questioning if they will be previewing Christmas flavors come autumn. Not a bad point!

Still, I’m okay with getting a jump on all the delicious fall vibes. After this never-ending winter, I’m more than ready to start cozy cinnamon sugar goodness. Even if it is a couple of months early. Thankfully, Kit Kat has our backs with the perfect way to savor those flavors in candy form.

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