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Remember, the days of childhood were filled with memorable snacks that brought joy and excitement. From the fruity fun of Fruit by the Foot to the savory delight of Bagel Bites and the sweet nostalgia of Dunkaroos, there was always something to satisfy our cravings.

Now, there’s exciting news for fans of Gushers! After being gone for ten years, Gushers is bringing back its most beloved flavor. This snack is famous for its burst of fruity flavor and chewy center, and it’s a favorite among those who grew up loving its unique taste.

People are eagerly waiting for this childhood favorite to return. The announcement of Gushers comeback flavor has everyone talking and craving a taste. As stores get stocked up again, fans are getting ready to enjoy the thrill of biting into a Gushers snack and reliving those delicious memories from years ago.

Gushers Brings Back Watermelon Flavor

Gushers has delighted fans by bringing back their beloved watermelon flavor just in time for summer. If you remember these chewy candies from your childhood, you will recall their juicy, buttery center and range of flavors like strawberry, tropical, and the ever-popular watermelon.

Gushers Watermelon Flavor

The return of the watermelon flavor is a big event for the candy company. Originally hitting stores in 1997 and absent since 2013, its comeback is cause for celebration among enthusiastic fans.

But wait, there’s more! Alongside the iconic Watermelon Gushers, there’s a brand new flavor making its debut in the same pouch: Sour Apple Gushers. This new addition brings bursts of both sweet and tart flavors that perfectly complement the refreshing taste of watermelon.

Now available at local grocery stores, you have two size options to choose from. Opt for the 6-count pack priced at $4.69 for a smaller treat, or go for the larger 20-count pack at $10.29 to stock up and share the nostalgia with friends and family.

Gushers has long been known for its fun and innovative approach to candy, and this latest release continues that tradition. With the return of Watermelon Gushers and the introduction of Sour Apple, they are not just satisfying cravings. But they are creating new moments of excitement and enjoyment for fans of all ages.

Whether you’re reliving childhood memories or discovering Gushers for the first time, the combination of these two delicious flavors promises a burst of fruity goodness in every bite. Grab a pack, share the joy, and savor the flavors that have made Gushers a favorite snack for years.

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