friendly's releases wattamelon sherbet cake

Friendly’s newest limited-edition dessert is here to make your summer even sweeter. The Wattamelon Sherbet Cake is a fresh twist on their previous watermelon-themed treats. This delicious cake starts with a base of watermelon sherbet filled with chocolate chips, topped with a tangy lemon sherbet layer, and finished with a smooth green frosting. It looks similar to the last Wattamelon Krunch Cake, but this one doesn’t have the green crunchy bits.

Fans are buzzing with excitement about this new release, although some still need the discontinued Wattamelon Roll. If you want to try the new Wattamelon Sherbet Cake, you can find it for a limited time at stores that carry Friendly’s ice creams nationwide. Make sure you try this refreshing summer treat if they are available. 

All About Friendly’s Watermelon Cakes

In 1985, Friendly’s introduced a popular watermelon creation known as the Wattamelon Roll. This delightful treat looked like a perfect slice of watermelon, featuring watermelon and lemon sherbets with chocolate chips as seeds.

friendly's wattamelon dessert

It quickly became a summer staple at gatherings. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2021 when Friendly’s decided to stop making all its frozen roll desserts. Since then, Friendly’s has released other watermelon-themed cakes, like the Wattamelon Krunch Cake and the recently launched Wattamelon Sherbet Cake.

The Wattamelon Krunch Cake, similar to the roll, had watermelon and lemon sherbet with chocolate chip seeds. But comes in a traditional cake shape with whipped icing and green crunchies. The new Wattamelon Sherbet Cake follows the same form but without the green crunchies.

While many people are excited to try the new Wattamelon Sherbet Cake, some fans still miss the original Wattamelon Roll. Even a petition on requested Friendly’s to bring it back.

Despite the mixed feelings, there’s hope that Friendly’s can recreate the magic of the original roll, even in a new form. The new limited-edition Wattamelon Sherbet Cake is now available at stores that carry Friendly’s products. Visit the official website of Friendly’s to know the various products it deals in.

Fan’s Views on Friendly’s Releases Wattamelon Sherbet Cake

Friendly’s fans are buzzing with excitement to try the new Wattamelon Sherbet Cake, and it’s easy to see why. This new treat brings back memories of Friendly’s beloved Wattamelon Roll.

Friendly’s Wattamelon Cake

Social media is filled with comments about how the new cake is a delightful throwback to the days when the Wattamelon Roll was a summer favorite. Some of the comments fans shared are:

“That watermelon cake was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I gotta try this.”

“the watermelon roll was my absolute favorite; I need to see if I can find this in stores here!!!”

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a Friendly’s nearby, making it hard for some fans to get their hands on this nostalgic dessert. Many are even asking Friendly’s to bring back the Wattamelon Roll, as the new cake has reminded them of how much they loved the original.

The Wattamelon Roll set a high standard for summer treats, becoming a cherished tradition for many. While the new Wattamelon Sherbet Cake is a hit, it’s clear that the nostalgia for the original roll runs deep. If you’re reliving old memories or creating new ones, the Wattamelon Sherbet Cake is a must-try for any Friendly’s fan.

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