DiGiorno Introduces Deadpool And Wolverine Frozen Pizzas

DiGiorno is kicking off summer 2024 with a bang by introducing a line of new frozen pizzas that are sure to grab your attention.

Teaming up with Marvel, DiGiorno has created four exciting, ready-to-bake pizzas inspired by the upcoming action-comedy film Deadpool & Wolverine, hitting theaters next month.

These new pizzas feature flavors as “wild” as Deadpool and Wolverine themselves, with packaging that pays tribute to both characters. DiGiorno even describes these new releases as “drool-worthy”.

DiGiorno Introduces 4 New Frozen Pizzas in June 2024

According to a statement shared with Parade, DiGiorno’s new frozen pizzas offer a range of toppings that are sure to stir up some debate. Choices include pineapple and olives, beef with spicy cumin, as well as more classic options like bacon and extra pepperoni. Each pizza (except the Spicy Wolvie) comes with a cut-out Deadpool mask provided on the back of the box.

Here’s a rundown of the new frozen pizzas, each offering unique and flavorful combinations:

  1. The Wade Special: This pizza is a blend of sweet and savory, featuring pineapple and black olives. It references to Wade Wilson’s favorite pizza, as seen in the first Deadpool movie. The combination of sweet pineapple and salty olives is designed to appeal to fans looking for something different.
  1. Gimme Chimi: Inspired by Deadpool’s love for chimichangas, this pizza delivers a spicy fiesta for your taste buds. It includes a base of spicy cumin sauce, topped with beef, jalapeno peppers, and a blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. It promises a zesty and flavorful experience reminiscent of the bold flavors associated with chimichangas.
  1. Spicy Wolvie Pie: Catering to meat lovers and fans of Wolverine, this pizza is packed with pepperoni, chorizo sausage, and bacon. It’s designed to satisfy cravings for hearty and savory toppings, making it the best choice for those who enjoy a meat-centric pizza.
  1. Maximum Pep: Reflecting Deadpool’s fearless personality, this pizza is loaded with sliced and diced pepperoni. It offers a pizza experience with maximum flavor and no regrets, reflecting Deadpool’s bold and unapologetic personality.

For more details on each pizza, check out the descriptions mentioned on the label while purchasing in your nearest grocery stores.

Exciting news for pizza and superhero fans! Even though the Deadpool & Wolverine movie hits theaters on July 26, you can still grab DiGiorno’s limited-edition pizzas inspired by these Marvel characters at your local grocery store. Look for them in the freezer aisle over the next few weeks.

DiGiorno isn’t stopping there! They are also running a “chaotic good” giveaway with a pizza-verse theme. You could win cool Marvel merch and free tickets to the new movie. Check out the DiGiorno website for all the details on how to enter.

Kimberly Holowiak, senior brand manager at DiGiorno, says they are always about pushing culinary boundaries with unique flavors. From their Thanksgiving Pizza to the “cry-pie” made entirely of onions, they are now bringing you their most chaotic creations yet with these Deadpool & Wolverine pizzas. Don’t miss out on this epic collaboration and get them while you can this summer.

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