Crumbl Cookies Bakes Chocolate Mallow Cupcake Cookies And More Through February 4, 2024

Crumbl Cookies is due to release a new assortment of six cookies this week, featuring tempting selections like the S’mores Cookie and Chocolate Mallow Cupcake Cookie.

The latest cookie selection will be offered at all participating stores countrywide beginning January 29, 2024, and will remain on the menu for one week until February 4, 2024.

As part of its continuous tradition, Crumbl Cookies regularly adds new types to their weekly menu, ensuring that consumers have a broad and intriguing selection to choose from. This week is no exception, with a selection of six different cookies for customers to enjoy during their limited availability.

Here’s this week’s cookie lineup:

  • Crumbl’s current range offers a scrumptious assortment of cookies, including the original Milk Chocolate Chip, which is recognized for its thick, soft texture and plenty of milk chocolate chips.
  • Another standout is the S’mores cookie, which has a graham cracker foundation topped with milk chocolate chips, a melty marshmallow, chocolate drizzle, and buttery graham cracker crumbs.
  • For those looking for a novel touch, the Vanilla Crumb Cake ft. Golden Oreo Cookie mixes a warm cookie with Golden Oreo pieces and is topped with a swirl of vanilla cream cheese frosting and more Golden Oreo cookie bits.
  • The Chocolate Mallow Cupcake Cookie features a chocolate cake foundation topped with fluffy marshmallow whipped cream, gooey chocolate frosting, and beautiful white loops.
  • The sugar cookie, embellished with rainbow sprinkles and melty white chips, is topped with a Mother’s Original Circus Animal Cookie and an extra sprinkling of rainbow delight.
  • There’s also the Mystery Cookie, which adds an element of surprise—check the Crumbl App to see which wonderful confection is currently available at your local store.

Enthusiasts may try this week’s Crumbl Cookie selection, which includes the S’mores Cookie, Milk Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mallow Cupcake Cookie, and more, by visiting any participating outlet worldwide until February 4, 2024.

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