Costco international food court item
Costco international food court item

Costco shoppers have a love/hate relationship with the warehouse club’s food court. Most love it, but when Costco makes a change, the hate part of the relationship can rear its ugly head. When Costco ripped strawberry ice cream cups out of hungry shoppers’ hands and replaced them with chocolate ice cream cups, food court diners let Costco know it was a Big mistake!

Last year, Costco ditched the long-time fan favorite twisted churro (but did they really?). Fans didn’t immediately like the cookie that replaced it until people crumbled the cookies into the ice cream cups, making a DIY ice cream topping. While some fans thought the quality of the churros had gone downhill and were glad to see them go, others felt the disappearance of the beloved food court treat would alter their whole shopping experience.

Costco shoppers have strong opinions about the menu items, which vary considerably. However, many U.S. shoppers share one common opinion: International Costco food courts are stocked with must-have offerings.

What’s Missing from U.S. Costco Food Courts?

A recent Reddit post revealed something intriguing about Canadian Costco food courts. They have all the usual favorites, like the famous $1.50 hot dog, pizza, cookies, and ice cream, just like in the United States. 

Updated Canadian Food Court menu
byu/thermal7 inCostco

But two mouthwatering items haven’t made it across the border yet: fried breaded chicken strips and French fries.

U.S. Costco shoppers were quick to notice and felt a pang of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). “Chicken and fries would be such a hit in the States,” lamented one commenter. 

A Canadian Costco fan chimed in, shocked: “Wait, you guys don’t have chicken strips there? Americans are now clamoring for these delicious additions to the Costco food court menu. 

Why Can’t US Costcos Have What Canada Does?

“Why doesn’t Costco USA have French fries or chicken strips? I would do anything for those!” lamented one commenter, possibly exaggerating their craving. As someone in the discussion pointed out, the lack of deep fryers in U.S. Costco food courts is likely the reason.

Interestingly, these two items are sold separately, but the desire for them is strong among Costco fans. And here’s the kicker: Canadian Costco stores offer French fries that can be ordered plain or with gravy and cheese curds a Canadian favorite known as poutine.

According to a Canadian commenter, these fries are considered some of the best out there because they’re always perfectly salted and piping hot. It’s enough to make you jealous!

Many in the thread are rallying for chicken strips, fries, and even poutine to be added to the U.S. Costco menu. One commenter even suggested using the power of the subreddit to make it happen.

If all else fails, will someone start a protest outside every Costco in the United States until we get our hands on crispy chicken strips and those irresistible fries?

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