Costco customers are fed up with other members' 'disgusting' behavior.

Costco is well-known for its enticing grocery discounts, popular baked products, membership benefits, and economical food court options. However, one factor that members find bothersome is the growing incidence of improper purchasing behavior among their fellow customers.

A Reddit member recently voiced concern with the “disgusting” behavior of customers at their Costco in Brooklyn, New York. The user shared a photo of a torn-open bag of ube-flavored coconut rolls left on the shelf, probably by someone who wanted to try one but then abandoned it.

Furthermore, the consumer stated that she purchased strawberries at Costco only to find a partially chewed fruit in the container when she returned home. The shopper suspected that a fellow member had sampled the berry and returned the remnants to the container, jeopardizing the integrity of the entire fruit.

Customers’ feedback indicates that such difficulties are typical at Costco. The Reddit post received over 120 replies, with many users providing examples of similar disruptive conduct at their local warehouses.

One buyer described seeing someone remove numerous undesired cookies from one flavor and replace them with the desired taste with bare hands. The consumer saw that the individual simply closed and returned the plastic container to the shelf.

Another consumer described an incident, saying, “We had selected a block of cheese earlier, and as I lifted it to place it on the checkout belt, I noticed that a chunk had been bitten out of it through the plastic.”

These opponents suggest that those who engage in such activities should lose their Costco membership. They express worry that consumers who do not thoroughly verify the items in their trolleys may mistakenly purchase a food product that another member has touched or handled.

One buyer asked Costco to take action by canceling memberships, citing an increase in individuals breaking regulations at the warehouse, such as cutting in line, leaving frozen products on random shelves, and opening boxed things that should remain unopened.

“If I could, I’d ban them on the spot,” said another consumer.

Members expect that Costco will listen to their complaints and solve the issue of disruptive customer behavior. In the meanwhile, Costco customers should properly verify their food items to guarantee they have not been tampered with, given the persistent accusations.

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