Costco Brings Popular Food Court Cookies in Bakery Section

Every Costco shopper knows that every trip to the club store is complete with a stop at the food court. No matter how much food you buy or how much money you spend, that $1.50 hot dog offer is simply too amazing to pass up, even if you only spent $100 on groceries.

We all love the savory hot dogs, chicken bakes, and pizza, but Costco’s food court sweet treats are amazing, too. The next dessert that became popular was the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, which replaced the churro on the menu in January.

These new cookies grabbed shopper’s attention right away, mainly because of their whopping 750 calories per cookie. But once people tried these buttery, chocolate chip-loaded delights, they quickly became a favorite. Made with premium chocolate chips, real butter, and a secret blend of ingredients, these cookies are a treat for all cookie lovers.

Exciting news for all cookie lovers! Costco is now making these delectable chocolate chip cookies available in their bakery section. No need to wait in line at the food court, just head to the bakery section on your next Costco visit and grab these tasty treats.

Fan-Favorite Costco Food Court Cookies Hits Store Shelves

“Food court cookie now available in bakery section—5 pack for $10,” according to a Reddit post. The post featured a photo of the giant cookies in Costco’s bakery section, which cost $9.99.

Food Court cookie now available in bakery section- 5 pack for $10
byu/PharmDRx2018 inCostco

Reddit users were quick to ask where these cookies were spotted, as not every Costco store offers the food court cookie in the bakery.

Some commenters think certain Costco stores do this when they have extra cookies. If the cookies don’t sell well at the food court one day, they can be boxed up and sold in the bakery section as well.

Here’s a sweet deal for you. The Double Chocolate Chip Cookie might not be available at every store nationwide, but if your Costco has them in the bakery, it’s worth checking out. For just $10, you can get a 5-pack of these delicious cookies. That’s like getting one cookie for free compared to the food court price.

To bring back the usual food court experience, simply microwave the cookie at home. This will not only warm up the cookie but also melt the chocolate chips, creating a gooey, delicious treat. It will also ensure that the cookies are thoroughly baked and safe to consume.

Either way, the warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie will taste just as amazing at home as it does after a long shopping day, maybe even better when you can enjoy it in your PJs. So treat yourself to these delicious cookies on your next Costco visit.

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